Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Raptor Space Marine Terminator - Colour Test

This is a Raptor Space Marine Terminator. A little bit worse for wear as he was completed a couple of years ago and has been 'grappled' by my kids!!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One of my mark 2 space marines

This guy is scratch built. I may stop making these since Forge World released their great kits:

This is made from original mk2 legs (chopped off the citadel model) parts from the original RTB01 boxed set (converted boltgun, backpack) a max mini head, converted MK 7 chestplate and chaos SM arms.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

The iron priest

A space wolves Iron Priest, missing a flamer from his right power arm (doh)

With decent lighting

Also colour balanced in Photoshop

and timmed out (just testing Photoshop)

The Iron Snakes

In addition to my pre heresy prototypes, I'm also putting together a few ideas for Iron Snakes. Comments allways appreciated.

Prototype Pre Heresy Alpha Legion

A few shots of my pre heresy Alpha Legion, based on the cover art from Legion.

Again a prototype (and no icons etc.)

These are early shots without decent lighting or difussion.


Colour scheme for Sons of Horus

I've been modelling for more years than I care to remember and have allways found that Dulux colours can be your friend.

Their tester pots are great value and with the use of a flow enhancer from (for example) Daler-Rowney they can become 'fine' enough for use in modelling.

I took a scan of the Sons colour scheme from Index Astartes Book 4 and then colour matched this against the dulux paint range. Think I've come close?

I wanted to try and retain the green as it is reffered to in the Horus Heresy novels. Here are the quotes I found in the first few books.

Graham McNeill

chap 2

‘Why would I want to get old?’ asked Loken, opening his tin of lapping powder and applying it to the vambrace, its new colour, a pale, greenish hued metallic still unfamiliar to her.

Sweat trickled down the back of his head and ran down the inside of his armour, its greenish, metallic sheen still new and startling to him, even though it had been months since he had repainted it.

Captain Loken had been waiting for him, resplendent in his armour of pale green and apparently untroubled by the heat or the swirling vortices of dust.

Chap 6

Each time he raised his bolter to take aim in readiness, the mist would part and an armoured figure in the green of the Sons of Horus or the steel grey of the Word Bearers would be revealed.

Aximand’s armour had been torn open across his side and a splash of red, shockingly bright against the green of his armour, stained his thigh.

Chap 12

They were armoured in the green of the Sons of Horus, and Loken knew them all: Abaddon, Aximand, Targost, Sedirae, Ekaddon, Kibre and Maloghurst.

Chap 20

The roaring tide of Astartes warriors climbed the breach, the last rays of the morning’s sun glinting from the brilliant green of their armour.

Ben Counter

Chap 2

The Eye of Horus glared from the top of the ship’s prow, the entire vessel having been refitted following the victory against the Technocracy, the bone-white of the Luna Wolves replaced by the metallic grey-green of the Sons of Horus.

Chap 3

Both warriors were armoured, Abaddon in the glossy black of the Justaerin, Aximand in his pale green plate.

James Swallow


His eye line crossed that of another Astartes on the dais in the new green livery of Horus’s renamed Legion, and he nodded in brief greeting to Garviel Loken.